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With Daley Tower, the sky is truly the limit.

Backed by over 58 years of industry experience and expertise, Daley Tower Service is recognized as a leader in the design and installation of telecommunication towers across the southern United States. For us, no project is out of our reach. That’s because we understand the loftiest challenges of tower design and appreciate even the smallest, mundane details of project development.

From initial design and planning to fabrication and installation, we have the expertise needed to see any project through to completion. Our professional crew of dedicated specialists provides us with comprehensive capabilities to design and build projects from the ground up, while remaining flexible and responsive enough to accommodate small individual projects. Whether we’re constructing a traditional guyed-wire tower, adapting a cellular transmission site to an existing water tower, or devising a creative way to camouflage a site, we’re more than up to the task.

Top-to-bottom and start-to-finish, you’ll get everything you need from Daley Tower Service.


Growing up in a small Louisiana town, Riley Daley learned value of hard work and persistence. One of eight children and the son of a fisherman, he was raised from humble beginnings as his family made a living off of the marshes and bayous of south Louisiana. While raising a family of his own and employed in the oilfield industry for a few years, Mr. Daley saw an opportunity to continue to provide for his own small family. Working out of the trunk of his car with his family in tow, he taught his wife Lennie Mae how to tie a few basic knots and together they began installing small communication towers for two-way radio systems. As the opportunities grew, Daley Tower Service was formed and Mr. Daley and his small crews were a mainstay in providing microwave and communication services to the industries, oilfield, and communication providers in south Louisiana.

A young man just out of high school, Dino LeBlanc was introduced to Mr. Daley in 1975 by a mutual acquaintance. “Not long after I went to work for Mr. Daley, my own father passed away and Mr. Daley was like a father to me.” said Dino. He continued to work and gain valuable experience under Mr. Daley’s tutelage until he became a crew foreman within two years.

In July of 1990, Mr. Daley decided it was time to retire and offered his protégé an opportunity to purchase the small but established business. “When Kathy and I bought the business, there were maybe 4 or 5 employees, 2 pick-up trucks, a winch truck, some ropes and a few hand tools” says Dino LeBlanc.  Dino and Kathy continued to grow the business for many years during the onset and growth of cellular telephone service and the continued expansion into PCS.  “We were able to grow with the industry and learn from hands on experience” comments Dino.  Much of what we did was new technology and it was a learn as you go scenario. We had to create and invent safe, unique, and effective ways to install the equipment that has become the industry standards used today.

In October of 2003, Daley Tower expanded its operations by opening its tower manufacturing division.  “At the time, we were selling a lot of towers to our clients fabricated by other manufacturers. I felt with the resources we had in our area, we could manufacture our own towers.”

Fast forward 33 years…… with over 60 employees, Daley Tower Service, Inc. continues to be one of the most experienced and trusted names in the industry. With just under 55,000 square feet of production and warehouse facilities, Daley Tower sits on a combined 23.5-acres in Carencro, Louisiana and is in the midst of another 15,000 square foot production expansion project scheduled to be on-line in November of 2023.  Dino attributes Daley Tower’s success and growth to his employees. “We have good people that have hands on experience.  We still service some of the same clients that we did when Mr. Daley started the business.”

Give Daley Tower Service, Inc. an opportunity to put our experience to work for you!

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