Tower Design

Every tower project starts with a question: “What is the tower’s purpose?”  Because every project faces its own set of challenges, every tower we manufacture is unique in design. We start by taking inventory of our client’s needs to determine the unique challenges that will affect the project—whether they be physical, technical, regulatory or fiscal.  From that information, we work with our subcontracted engineering partners to begin building a customized design plan.

To best meet the project’s needs, our engineering partners consider a variety of structural options: is it Guyed, Self-Supporting, Monopole or Stealth?  Is it single-use or multi-use?  Does it require Z-brace, X-brace, K-Brace or Diamond Brace?  No option is ignored in the design process in order to create the lightest tower possible which also translates into a more economical foundation design and no possibility is left untouched.  Since we are master installers, every Daley Tower features design improvements that facilitate simpler installation and more precise alignment.  This saves time and saving time saves you money.  Based on this information, details such as the tower height and loading (determined from the number of antennas and their location on the tower), local zoning guidelines, as well as environmental concerns such as wind and weather.  Every tower is designed to meet the strictest codes, including the Florida Building Code (FBC), International Building Code (IBC), Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA)

Tower Fabrication

Once a preliminary design has been reviewed and has been approved by our customer, the tower is placed into our production queue.  Our direct relationship with steel mills is the first step in insuring that we maintain total control of the manufacturing process and allows us to complete our towers economically and on time.  With over 26,000 square feet of manufacturing space, we process over seven million pounds of steel a year.  All of the parts and components for our guyed and self-supporting towers are fabricated in house at our facility in Carencro, Louisiana,  State of the art machinery and our highly experienced certified welders help maintain a high level of quality control throughout the production process.  Most importantly, years of manufacturing experience have enabled us to continually improve our processes to become one of the most efficient tower manufacturers in the industry.

Our continued commitment to support our customer’s demand is evident as we currently break ground on our 15-acre expansion project which will nearly triple our footprint and add another 16,000 square feet  of production space to our manufacturing plant.

Tower Modification Components

In today’s competitive environment, increasing capacity on an existing structure can be a cost-effective way to positively impact your company’s bottom line. We have the knowledge, equipment and experience to fabricate any custom-designed solution for tower modification components on self-supporters, guyed towers, and monopoles. Our plasma tables and angle processing machines can be programmed to precisely burn, cut, drill and punch a myriad of steel components to meet your custom design needs and our qualified welders can see any fabrication project through to completion.

Our experienced staff has years of industry specific experience and is always willing to provide assistance with any project. Because we have cultivated and maintained relationships with several licensed engineering firms and industry experts, we are equipped to provide unique solutions to even the most impossible problems. Please call or email our manufacturing plant manger, Mike Briley at 337.886.0995 or to discuss options, pricing and fabrication timelines.


Equipment installation can present unique challenges due to space restrictions or local building codes. Fortunately, at Daley Tower Service, we can design and fabricate custom platforms to address any issue. From elevated platforms to roof-top applications, we have the experience to fabricate any platform with an array of options such as walkways, climbing ladders, stairs, landings and handrails. Call or email our manufacturing plant manager Mike Briley at 337.886.0995 or to discuss your project in more detail or to get a quote on an existing design.

Design & Manufacturing Services

  • Tower & Foundation Engineering (Subcontracted)
  • Tower Fabrication
  • Custom Equipment Platform Design
  • Equipment Platform Fabrication
  • Antenna Mount Fabrication
  • Tower Accessories
  • Tower Modification Steel

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We’re dedicated to the design, construction and maintenance of towers that fit your needs safely and on time—and provide the parts, support and expertise necessary to keep you running and in service long after project completion.

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